(L) @Imleyton/Twitter screengrab (R) @ThickLeeyonce/Twitter screengrab

A man in South Africa tried to shame the model Lesego Legobane, aka 'thickleeyonce' on Instagram, and her response was perfect.

On Tuesday Twitter user @ImLeyton used a photo of the South African model Lee to illustrate a shallow point.

The model on the right, Legobane, found the tweet, and brutally shut him down.

The slay was given the like of approval from the likes of Ariane Grande and Nicky Minaj.

Other users wasted no time in getting in there with their own thoughts.

Joëlle Kayembe, the other model in the images shared by @Imleyton, joined in the ritual burning.

Later, there was an attempt to make things better... We don't really think it went down particularly well though.

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