Dashcam video shows man pulling gun on Uber driver before murder
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A Lyft driver has been praised for kicking a woman out of his car after she told him he was a “normal guy” who is white and “speaks English”.

Footage of the incident, which was recorded on the car's onboard camera system, has gone viral after being shared by the driver himself on Facebook.

According to the time-stamp on the clip, the incident took place on the evening of Friday 13 May.

In the footage, a woman opened the rear passenger door of the man’s vehicle and the driver greeted her, saying, “Hello. For Jackie, right?”

As the woman, with a male companion behind her, entered the car, she said: “You're like a white guy.”

“What’s that?” the driver responded.

The woman replied: “You're like a white guy? You're like a normal guy, like you speak English?”

The woman attempted to laugh it off, but the driver wasn’t having any of it.

In response, the driver said: “No you can get out of the car. I’m going to cancel the ride.”

The woman repeatedly asked, “what?” and appeared shocked.

The driver continued: “That's inappropriate. That's completely inappropriate. If somebody was not white sitting in this seat, what would be the difference?”

The driver then explained to the male passenger what the woman had said and repeated that he had cancelled the trip and wanted them to leave the vehicle.

The male customer responded: “Oh, you’re a f**king a**hole. You’re a piece of s**t. I should punch you in the f**king face.”

The driver warned the pair they were on camera and explained he wasn’t giving them a ride because they’re “racist f**ks”.

As they were leaving, the man called the driver a “f**king n****r lover”.

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In the Facebook post, the driver explained that he was picking the couple up from “Fossils Last Stand” a bar and grill located in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania.

He explained: “The ride was for a ‘Jackie’...When asked if they were the owners, she shook her head ‘yes’ but who knows.”

The driver confirmed that he had filed a police report for an assault threat and said he would do what he did again.

He wrote: “If you make me feel uncomfortable, I will absolutely do the same especially in my car or property.

“Yes they were made aware I was recording, yes I have postings in my car indicating such.”

The original clip on Facebook has been viewed more than 139,000 times and has also been posted across social media.

One person commented: “You're awesome! Thank you for being a good guy!!!”

Another wrote: “Reminds me again of what we all need to do. We need to all be anti-racist. You are the CHANGE!”

“Holding people accountable is the only way - thank you,” someone else added.

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