Man attaches computer mouse to robotic vacuum to make it look like he's doing his job

Man attaches computer mouse to robotic vacuum to make it look like he's doing his job
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After the pandemic hit, remote work became the norm - but this also means people have been getting more creative at skiving off.

TikToker Joey McDonald (@thelastjoey) posted footage of a computer mouse attached to a Roomba vacuum cleaner being dragged around a room.

"When your boss requires you to be 'active' online throughout the day," McDonald wrote, and in the caption added a little note in case any of his came across his video: "Joke for legal purposes."

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Since posting about his mouse hack, McDonald's video has received 11.3m views, 338,000 likes, along with thousands of comments from people sharing their thoughts.

One person said: “So we GPS tracked your mouse and noticed you seemed to have travelled a couple miles.”

"Modern problems require modern solutions," another person wrote.

Someone else joked: "I thought you just gave Roomba a pet."


Joke for legal purposes #wfh #microsoftteams #fyp #comedy

Meanwhile, others weren't so impressed with the trick to fool bosses, and said this is the reason why bosses are keen for employees to return to the office.

One person wrote: "When people complain why their bosses won’t let them work from home."

"You guys gonna ruin WFH with all these videos," another person agreed.

Someone else commented: "People wonder why corporations want them back in the office."

Some even revealed their own hacks when it comes to ditch the job.

One person wrote: "Mouse shaker on Amazon. You are welcome."

"Open a draft in email >place something heavy on space bar>profit," another person

Someone else added: "Just turn on windows media player, set to repeat, then mute it."

The TikToker himself even saw the funny side to people's advice-giving and commented: "How good is it that the comment section has turned into an informative 'how to.'"

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