Man who 'visited hell' explains what it was like in viral TikTok

Man who 'visited hell' explains what it was like in viral TikTok
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A man on TikTok who said he "visited hell" has explained what it was like in a viral video.

Uploaded to the platform by pastor and motivator Gerald Johnson (@geraldajohnson1), he was asked by someone behind the camera if it was "true that he saw hell."

And he claimed he saw "hell" for the first time in February 2016.

"I saw the real hell, I was there, and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. I don't care what anyone has done to me. I wouldn't wish that on them," he said.

Johnson then detailed how exactly he found himself in the inferno at that time. He said he felt he had a heart attack and that his "spirit left his physical body."

And as his spirit was being lifted out of him, he also claimed that he thought he was going "upward," presumably into heaven, because he believed he "did so much good in this lifetime" and made "Godly decisions."

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However, he went all the way down, "literally into the center of the Earth."

Although what he saw was "indescribable" and made him "emotional," he explained one of the things he witnessed.

"There was a man on all fours like a dog. He was burnt from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet, and his eyes were bulging out," Johnson said.

He added: "And what was worst than that was he had a chain around his neck. So he was like a dog in hell."


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What it made it even creepier was that he said the chain around the burnt man's neck was being held by a "demon."

He also spoke about another instance he witnessed in hell that continues to baffle him "to this day."

Johnson described a part of hell where music played that happens to be the same music people listen to these days.

But instead of the entertainers singing the tunes, the "music demons" were.

Eventually, he "lifted" from hell back to Earth, claiming God began speaking to him.

He also said he saw "the real Jesus."

"[God] told me I'm secretly 'upset with the people that hurt you. You have been hoping that I would punish the people that hurt you. These are not your people - these are my people," Johnson claims God told him.

Additionally, Johnson said God told him to focus on the "assignment" he's given him in life because he wanted to do "something through him that the world hasn't seen."

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