A woman told her boyfriend she loved topless Jeff Goldblum. He acted accordingly

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Sometimes, all you need is a painting of Jeff Goldblum in your life.

Scarlett Simmons took to Reddit to share what her boyfriend of three years, Huxley, got for her birthday.

It was a topless painting of Jeff Goldblum.

No, really.

It was based on the '93 classic:

The 23-year-old from Oklahoma has a pretty sweet story about it.

She recalls that on their very first date, almost three years ago, she told him her favourite film was Jurassic Park.

She wrote:

In October of 2015, he and I were sitting together on his couch on our first date, just trying to get to know each other.

He asked me what my favourite movie was, and I told him, ‘Jurassic Park. I wish I had a giant painting of that scene where Jeff Goldblum is lying on a table half-shirtless, looking all majestic. It gets me every time!’.

We both laughed at the joke and continued with our date. I don’t think we ever really mentioned the joke again.

My birthday is in February, and unbeknownst to me, Huxley had asked our mutual friend, Tim Kelly, who’s an extremely talented artist, to paint the picture I had joked about on our first date.

I think he started the painting in January, and managed to complete it the night before my birthday.

Ten points to Huxley (and Tim, the artist).

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