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A woman, temporarily staying at her stepbrother's place for free, tried to redecorate her bedroom without asking. The man was left fuming and has since turned to Reddit for advice.

The man explained how he inherited the house from his grandparents and that his stepsister, Kana, had been living at his for "two months rent free". She was living with him while her parents had their house renovated, plus it was closer to her job.

He said things were going smoothly until Kana returned home one day with cans of paint.

"I asked her what she was doing with those, and she told me that she was going to paint her room pink," he told the forum.

The man firmly said no, because she was staying temporarily and he liked the room the way it was, to which his stepsister hit back and said she was the one staying in the room and "should have a right to be able to decorate the room how she wants it."

He reiterated that she was not allowed to paint the room and that if she went against his wishes, she would be kicked out.

Kana didn't react well to the news, calling him a "d*ck" – even his dad and step mum said he was "too harsh" and could have compromised.

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The homeowner penned: "I feel like I have a right to not want the room painted."

Fellow Redditors flooded the post with their own takes – most of which sided with the man.

One said: "It's YOUR house. She is staying RENT FREE. Tell your dad and stepmom to take her ass in, and she can paint THEIR room pink."

"Take [your parents] advice and compromise," another advised. "Sure, she can paint the room pink, but she needs to pay two months' rent and paint the room its original colour before she leaves."

A third added: "If she were renting, a landlord would likely not let her paint anything. Why should she have that option for someone she’s not paying?"

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