I did not marry my pet snake, Malaysian fireman insists

I did not marry my pet snake, Malaysian fireman insists

If only we had a penny for every time we had to deny marrying our pet snake.

A firefigher from Malaysia would be particularly rich, after having to deny claims by newspapers including the Daily Mirror (who have since removed the story) and Daily Mail that he had done exactly that.

Photos of Abu Zarin Hussin were used alongside news stories saying that a man from Thailand had married a cobra he believed to be his girlfriend brought back from the dead. Like these equally heartwarming and terrifying photos:

But Hussin says he is certainly not married to a snake. He told Malaysia’s Star newspaper that he keeps snakes to better understand them, because they’re responsible for a lot of the call-outs he gets as a firefighter.:

The snakes are with me so that I can observe their behaviour. Catching snakes are part of a fireman's duty. I am training other firemen how to handle and manage snakes. So that after they are caught, we can release them back into their natural habitat.

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