Hikers photobomb couple’s public proposal by walking right into camera shot

Hikers photobomb couple’s public proposal by walking right into camera shot

In an ideal world, you would want your marriage proposal to be romantic and special.

So it’s a shame hikers ruined a potentially picturesque proposal recently by getting completely in the way of a camera shot filming it.

Posting on TikTok, a woman, who has the username brooke.michaela, shared footage of this happening while she was being proposed to.

In the clip, she can be seen looking at the view in Emerald Bay in Tahoe, California, before turning around to find her partner on one knee.

So far, so good, except a man and a woman walk past to look at the view as the couple are embracing, staring at the couple in the process and ruining the shot. The man points at the view and the woman follows him. Then, she realises she is in the shot and hurries backwards, beckoning her partner to do the same, but it is too late.

<p>A man walked right into shot during the proposal</p>A man and a woman walked past to look at the view as the proposal was taking place TikTok/ @brooke.michaela

Reacting to it, some people were angry at the hikers. One commented: “Do people have absolutely no sense?”

Another said: “They ruined the shot...”

But another defended the blunder, writing: “I don’t think he realised it and when he did, he didn’t know how to escape.”

Another added: “These are public spaces. If he wanted a private moment, there are miles of trails he could have made that happen with more beautiful spots.”

“And this is why you don’t do public proposals,” commented one viewer.

Captioning the video, the woman who was proposed to though was not too happy: “Why the dude in the back gotta make it awkward,” she wrote.

It seems unlikely “the dude” will be invited to their wedding.

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