A man has punched a brick in half from a one-inch distance and no-one can believe it

A video of a martial artist punching a brick in half from a one-inch distance has gone viral.

The video, posted on Instagram by a man with the username mosstacx shows the martial artist first jumping on the brick to show its strength. He then places it against another slab of brick and whacks it in half to the amazement of onlookers.

Commenting on Reddit, where it received 118,000 upvotes, one user remarked: “His hand was like an explosive”.

Another said: “If this is not impressive then I don’t know what is”.

But others have been less forthcoming in their praise and have claimed the video could be fake, with one suggesting the brick was cracked and others saying the video was edited.

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The video, however, is one of 14 videos posted on the artist’s Instagram demonstrating similarly impressive moves.

One shows him punching a brick while carrying a woman on her shoulder, and another shows him breaking three bricks in half in one single move.

While we were all making banana bread and complaining about the weather, it seems that one person used their lockdown far more productively.

In any case, we know who we will turn to if we ever get locked out of our homes.

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