Viewers shocked and horrified after video of ‘how McDonalds onions are made’ goes viral

Viewers shocked and horrified after video of ‘how McDonalds onions are made’ goes viral
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A TikTok user revealed how McDonald’s prepares their onions and it’s making people “nauseous”.

Justin Albert, who posts under the handle @justinalbert19, uploaded a video of ice and water being poured into a box of dehydrated onion pieces with the caption “how Mcdonald's onions are made”.

People complained that looking at the slushy mixture made them feel “nauseous”.

One user wrote “is this a joke?”, while another added: “I don’t even know what I expected tbh”.

Adding moisture to dehydrated food is common in the fast-food industry. As well as saving time, it also eliminates waste as dehydrated ingredients can be preserved for far longer than fresh produce.

Some on TikTok were surprised that people expected McDonald’s to serve fresh onions.

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how we make onions at mcdonalds! (comment what you want to see next) #mcdonalds #fyp #foryoupage

One user commented, “not y’all expecting them to sit there cutting up fresh onions”.

Others were unfazed by the process.

“I’m not mad,” one wrote, “best onions ever”. Another wrote “more for me!”

Albert frequently offers behind-the-scenes glimpses of food preparation at McDonald’s on his TikTok page.

He’s also posted videos of burgers, chips, burritos, hash browns and pancakes being prepared, to name a few.

Recently he posted a TikTok captioned “still not fired” after viewers raised concerns that he could lose his job.

Albert isn’t exactly flying under the radar, either: his onions video racked up more than a million likes and many more views.

The behind-the-scenes processes of food preparation in restaurants is a popular genre of video on TikTok.

Workers have previously posted videos showing how KFC make their gravy and how Taco Bell prepares their beans.

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