Meet the 16-year-old who's constantly told he looks like Ed Miliband

Picture: Ed Adamson (@EJAXCIX)

He may have lost the election, grown a beard and jetted off to the other side of the world while his party descends into utter chaos, but the Milifandom remains strong.

Showing evidence of that, a 16-year-old schoolboy who is also called Ed (!) tweeted Ed Miliband this week explaining that he looks a lot like him and that he'd love to get a joint selfie at some point in the future...

Lots of people seemed to agree that Ed did indeed look a lot like Ed

They were completely amazed at the likeness

But what exactly is it like growing up looking like the former leader of the Labour party? Ed let us know...

So, Ed, what is life like being an Ed Miliband lookalike?


It doesn't really bother me, it can get annoying as a nickname and even more so as the first thing people say! But lots of people think it's great!

When did you first notice you looked like him?


I started to notice it about 2 years ago when the more politically knowledgeable older pupils at my school pointed it out.

Do you see a future career in politics for yourself?


I am taking politics at A-level and enjoy the subject and current affairs but at the moment I would say that I have not narrowed down the choice of future careers enough to think politics is the one for me.

Has the man himself got back to you yet?


Not yet but I am certainly hoping that he checks his twitter soon!

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