The dictionary supposedly blocked this guy for making one simple suggestion

Twitter / Stephenjmolloy

Stephen had an earnest suggestion for the dictionary. One which would make all our lives make so much more sense.

Toothpaste, he suggested, should be renamed "teethpaste," and now, thanks to Stephen, the world isn't ever going to make sense again until it's changed.

Stephen tweeted Merriam Webster and asked if they would follow him, so he could message them his genius idea.

Picture:Picture: Twitter / Stephenjmulloy

And Merriam Webster kindly obliged...

Picture:Picture: Twitter / Stephenjmulloy

And so Stephen took his chance...

Picture:Picture: Twitter / Stephenjmulloy

And then...

Picture:Picture: Twitter / Stephenjmulloy


That's right. Ignored, when all he was trying to do was make the world a better place.

Although, we would like to stress Webster denies any wrongdoing:

And we're inclined to believe them to be honest Stephen, they are amazing at social media at the moment and would never fall into such a trap - if you don't believe us, look what they're doing with Trump's tweets.

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