8-year-old throws message in a bottle into the sea. 29 years later it's discovered, and it's incredible

iStock/Getty images/Facebook/Linda Humphries

A woman in South Carolina has rediscovered the message in a bottle she pushed out to sea 29 years earlier.

On 26 September, 1988, and aged 8, Miranda Chavez wrote a message to the world and threw it far out into the sea on Edisto Beach.

The bottle travelled 90 miles south along the Atlantic coast, and washed up on Sapelo Island, Georgia.

It was found in on in 2017 by Linda Humphries and her husband David during a clean up of the local beach.

Humphries shared the note on Facebook, hoping to find the 37 year old sender.

Chavez' 8-year-old self had been clever enough to include a return address, but after almost three decades, the house no longer exists.

Thanks to the world address book that is Facebook, Humphries was able to get in touch with Chavez.

Chavez was naturally surprised that the bottle had survived Hurricane Hugho in 1989, and remained intact for further 28 years.

According to CBS, Chavez said:

Who would have thought? It's so awesome how something that small — no matter what you've got going on in your life — can take you back to your childhood and to some of the absolute happiest times of your life

Chavez reconnected with her past in another way, thanks to all her former classmates who saw the Facebook post and got in touch.

It was meant to be found.

It was meant to do something, even if it was just to have people have something positive to say for a few days.

I guess it served it's purpose.


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