Michael Spicer's 'Room Next Door' collapses under the weight of Suella Braverman's comments

Michael Spicer's 'Room Next Door' collapses under the weight of Suella Braverman's comments
Suella Braverman confirms she will run for prime minister if Boris Johnson ...

Comedian Michael Spicer has taken his room next door videos to the next level with the room itself actually collapsing under the weight of Suella Braverman’s extraordinary interview.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Spicer splices footage of a genuine interview, press conference or speech and intercuts it with his underling character attempting to feed the subject lines from an adjacent room.

In the latest installment, the footage is taken from Braverman’s interview with Robert Peston. During the exchange, the ITV presenter asks the Attorney General if she would consider going for the role of Prime Minister. At this point, Spicer interjects:

“Very flattering Robert but I don’t think I’m ready for the top job yet, principally because I’m as dense as a deep pile saxony carpet dipped in hot custard.”

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The video continues with Braverman outlining her credentials, explaining that her parents came to the country with nothing. Spicer adds:

“And if you implemented enough of your policies, you’d be able to send them back with absolutely nothing.”

The key plot twist comes in the second half of the video, however, in which there is a creaking sound one might ordinarily associate with a horror film before Spicer’s adviser realises his room is actually in jeopardy. Then as a result of the continued comments of the interviewee, there is a jump cut and the entire house comes crumbling down.

This is more ambitious than we are used to from Spicer and we can only hope this postmodern flourish will herald more meta shenanigans in the not-too-distant future.

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