Middle-class pub tour branded 'worst thing ever seen'

Middle-class pub tour branded 'worst thing ever seen'
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A video showcasing a middle-class pub has been branded an "unbearable to watch class war" – with "added cringe."

In what some have called a pub made for people who hate pubs, the viral clip shows the inside of a near-empty gastro, a far cry from the "proper old drinking-man pubs" with "sticky carpets, fruit machines and zero atmosphere".

Instead, the host gushed about the "wooden tables, flowers and loads of beers on tap." Oh, and not to mention the only menu being a chalkboard.

The video immediately sparked criticism on Twitter, with many urging people to leave classic boozers alone – and stop trying to Apple Store them.

"Nah, I'd take a pub with a fruity and gross carpet where one of the regulars might call me a slur over whatever the f*** is going on here," one passionate user wrote.

Another much preferred their local, joking how it had "a fella who had a standoff with the police while wielding two samurai swords and happily shows you pictures of it."

He added: "I wouldn’t trade it for the world."

Meanwhile, the gastro triggered one woman who said, "this looks exactly like the one I went on the worst date of my life."

She humoured: "He ordered a duck confit with his pint, asked what my dress size was, listed the designers he was wearing, then showed me certification of his sperm count."

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Despite the backlash on Twitter, the full YouTube video went down a treat with viewers.

The clip from the popular foodie channel Top Jaw delved into the best pubs in North London and has already racked up over 40,000 views in five days.

"The pint shopping videos are starting to become my favourite episodes, awesome video lads," one viewer wrote. "More pint shopping episodes in the future."

Another added: "These guys have never ever steered me wrong! I have been to places they have reviewed all over Europe and even in my hometown of NYC. Never a bad experience! If they say go-go!"

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