A millennial couple expecting a baby asked their neighbours to cook their meals for them and the internet has thoughts

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There are many minor and unnecessary things that people like to dunk on millennials for such as buying too many avocados and getting cheaper rail fares.

Yet, every now and again something does crop up that will make everyone collectively groan in anguish.

Earlier this week a thread went viral on Twitter after a young couple, who are due to have their first baby, asked their neighbours to make food for them. Yes, you read that correctly.

According to a Twitter user called JJ, the couple posted their request on the Nextdoor app, a social network that connects neighbours with each other.

The request from the couple was not for simple donations of baby food or canned goods but actual meals from recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On top of this, even if a neighbour did make the food the couple couldn't guarantee that they would even answer the door if anyone delivered it so instead requested that they be left in their side yard.

As you can imagine the request was met with astonishment by JJ who decided to share exactly what they had said with the rest of the world.

Amazingly someone did offer a rather positive reply and as parents themselves recognised how demanding a first child can be.

Fortunately for JJ some people did agree with his take on the situation and questioned whether the couple should actually be having a baby if they can't even cook their own meals.

Not everyone was up in arms about it though, with some feeling that is was just a thing that neighbours sometimes do for each other.

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