Professional mistress makes £69k-a-month by bossing men around

Professional mistress makes £69k-a-month by bossing men around
Jam Press/@mistresscleopatra_

A professional mistress and dominatrix has revealed why high-flying men pay her thousands of pounds to boss them around – claiming it helps them heal from childhood issues including bullying.

Mistress Cleopatra, 32, makes £69,000 (€80,000 EUR) per month on OnlyFans after entering the dominatrix scene.

Visits to her ‘dungeon’ include submitting to any orders Cleopatra demands of them and being “dominated” while living out fantasies.

While the role appeals to her “control freak” nature, the star insists it has one key benefit to her clients, many of whom are businessmen with personal traumas from the past.

“They like to be humiliated [because] a lot of these men were bullied at school,” Cleopatra, who has 249,000 followers on Instagram (@mistresscleopatra_) and Twitter, told

Jam Press/@mistresscleopatra_

“They were nerdy and got so much bullying that it’s a part of them.

“They want me to humiliate them, even physically sometimes, too.

“It’s like they can’t let go of that part [of their past].

“They like me to laugh at them and bully them – they just have that desire to feel that again.

“It’s emotional, but it’s also a sort of release for them.

“During the session, they just completely change.

“At school, kids are really hard on each other and some guys cannot let that go.

“When they got older, they have power or become the CEO or director of a company, and they feel like they have lost some of their identity.

“When they come for a session, they want that back – that little boy inside of them.

“You humiliate them, then reward them.

“They pay a lot of money for it.

“Then at the end of the session, we talk about their desires and why they like it.

“The guys are great fun once they've released their tension during the session.

“They're like a person re-born after I'm done with them.

“They usually end up talking to me about their lives and personal situations and it's nice to be able to lend a listening ear to them.

“We have a drink, have a laugh, we talk about what to do next time and we go our separate ways.”

Jam Press/@mistresscleopatra_

Cleopatra likened the experience to the feeling after a tough workout at the gym and said she feels her clients are reclaiming the power from their past traumas.

Interestingly, many of the men she works with are high-flying members of society.

She added: “It relaxes them to know that I’ve got control over them and they don’t have to think.

“It’s more psychological than sexual.

“If you look deep down inside yourself, everyone has a desire they cannot talk about because it seems taboo.”

Cleopatra, who has lived in Amsterdam since leaving Egypt in 1998, says the sessions don’t weigh on her and that she can separate her work from her personal life.

She said: “I do enjoy it because it is a part of me, but I don’t believe that being a dominatrix is for everyone.

“You have to have a strong mindset to stay in your role.

“I am a very sensitive and empathetic person in real life, but I’m good at separating it.”

While there is a community of dominatrixes, Cleopatra prefers to operate solo.

She said: “You do get jealousies with other doms who try to push you down, and they don’t like you to take their subs.

“Sometimes guys go to different doms, and they’ll be really nasty [about it].

“A few years ago, another dom was extremely jealous… but I see it as a positive that they are worried about me.

“There’s a bit of jealousy and drama working with other dominatrixes, so I’ve worked myself out of the crowd and have thrived ever since.

“I am willing to work harder and do everything – whatever I can in my power to be more successful – so I take it as inspiration.

“I’m just focused on myself and my business.”

Cleopatra has also started coaching other prospective dominatrixes and OnlyFans creators.

Jam Press/@mistresscleopatra_

She added: “I am very hardworking and I like to help others.

“I have seven or eight clients and manage them all – they don’t know anything about being a dom or an OnlyFans model…you have to actually do a lot of things for them, coach them and have weekly meetings and calls.

“It’s a lot of work.

“People have no idea how much research I do or how hard I work.

“I invest in other businesses too, which people don’t expect from me.

“And of course [doing this job] I also get to spend a lot of time with my family and spend money on them too – because the bit of my own luckiness and money that I make, I like to share with my loved ones.

“People expect me to be very outgoing and a crazy girl who likes to go out, but I like to stay at home all the time.

“I love to be with myself, I’m introverted.

“My work and my home lives are very different – it’s nice to have that balance.”

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