Mother sparks debate after sharing innocent picture of her child's lunchbox online

Mother sparks debate after sharing innocent picture of her child's lunchbox online
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An Australian woman shared a picture of her child’s lunch on Facebook, but people quickly pointed out an issue.

The lunch - made up of fruit, popcorn, a yoghurt, crackers, and a sandwich - seemed ordinary at first glance.

But other mums on the Aldi Mums Facebook page questioned whether or not the ham in the sandwich would cause “food poisoning” due to the Australian summer heat, according to the Daily Mail.

Commenters feared that if left in the child’s schoolbag, the ham could spoil.

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Australia is renowned for its warm weather, and in January the country recorded its hottest day since 1962 as temperatures soared to 50.7C (123.26F).

One woman wrote: “Never gave my children meat on their school lunches in the summer heat.”

Another suggested that there are “plenty of other food items you can use as a substitute”.

Even if she put an ice brick in the lunchbox it could still get hot, another warned, before suggesting that classrooms should have small fridges for children to store their lunches in.

The original poster responded and said she includes an ice pack with her child’s lunch, and said it’s “usually still cold” after school.

Although some questioned the safety of the ham, others couldn’t see an issue.

One mum wrote: “Back when we went to school your ham sandwich was in your lunchbox in your school bag out in the sun with no cold packs. We must have been tough back then.”

“'I had ham sandwiches at school when I was a kid, not ice bricks, I lived to tell the tale,” another said.

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