Mother left baffled after being told to dye her daughter’s hair for a kid’s birthday party

Mother left baffled after being told to dye her daughter’s hair for a kid’s birthday party

A mother has described the confusion she felt when another mother invited her daughters to her child’s birthday party on the condition that she dyed their hair a “natural colour”.

Posting on Reddit, the woman said she had been dying her children’s hair purple since they were 6 and that she was forced to choose between letting them attend the party or allowing them to keep their hair the way the like it.

She wrote: “My daughters (11/10) both have purple hair. They love it this way and have been getting it dyed since they were 6 (with caution). They were invited to a little girl’s birthday/Halloween party under the condition they have their hair dyed a natural color.

“I asked why and the mother insisted their hair would take away from birthday pictures cause they’d draw attention. I asked if my daughters could just not be in the pictures and she said there’s no way to guarantee that and to either dye their hair a ‘normal’ colour or they can’t come.”

She then said she decided to accept that her daughters wouldn’t be able to attend the party and decided to throw a separate one with different friends, but having done so, she prompted the wrath of the other mother who thought she was stealing her child’s thunder.

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“We had the party; cake, bounce house, candy piñata and all that cool jazz. The girls had a blast and I posted a few pictures online,” she said.

“Apparently this was the wrong move cause the little girl’s mother saw my post and asked what right I had to steal her daughter’s moment from her. Her daughter saw the pictures and was upset she didn’t get to come to the party because they didn’t have the things we did.

“Her mother said I was an a**hole for one upping her just because my kids couldn’t come to their party and that if I really wanted them there I would’ve just dyed their hair.”

Responding to her story, some people thought that she didn’t do anything wrong and slammed the other mother.

“What a controlling person. Yikes. She tried to punish your kids for their hair colour,” one wrote.

Another commented: “”hat a bizarre request of the mother. If she didn’t throw a fit about your daughter’s hair colour then they could have been at the party.”

But others said she was being “petty”.

“This still feels really petty in a dirty kind of way,” one wrote.

What a mare.

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