Mother sparks debate for eating pet rooster after it attacked her daughter

Rooster Pecking on Window Scares Kitten

A mother has caused quite a divide online for killing and cooking her pet rooster after it attacked her daughter.

The deleted Facebook post has since been reposted to Twitter, with the mother brutally saying the bird "got what was coming to him" after it scratched her daughter's face.

She claimed that if it was just half an inch further, her daughter "would have lost an eye".

"Mama don't play when it comes to her babies," she penned. "HeiHei nuggets for dinner!"

The viral post included a photo of her daughter with the rooster, along with a close-up of the girl's scratched face.

There was also a photo of several breaded nuggets frying in a pan.

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The controversial post racked up thousands of retweets and polarised views.

Some Twitter users defended the mother's actions, with one saying: "If you get mad about this maybe consider going vegetarian because the animals you eat every day deserved it much less than a violent rooster."

Another tweet read "considering that little girl could've lost her eye, I'd be cooking it alive."

Meanwhile, the act simply didn't sit right with others.

"Giant breaks into your house and starts messing up everything and then you get put down and eaten for defending yourself," one wrote. "I've seen how kids treat animals and there's no way the rooster’s attack wasn’t justified."

A second tweeted: "I know people eat chickens all the time, but killing it specifically because it attacked your child doesn’t sit right with me when children are known to antagonize animals."

"'Finally happened,'" one highlighted, adding: "So they knew it was aggressive and instead of dealing with it early on and/or taking more precautions to keep the kid away from the chicken they allowed something to happen that could’ve been avoided and killed the animal instead of simply isolating it."

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