<p>The mum filmed her 11-year-old son walking through his favourite cartoons</p>

The mum filmed her 11-year-old son walking through his favourite cartoons


It’s an age-old battle that will probably never end: parents trying to get their kids off the sofa when all they want to do is watch cartoons.

One mother has boasted of finding a solution to the predicament, however – keeping her children fit and active while letting them watch their favourite shows.

The mum posted a video on TikTok showing her 11-year-old son walking on a treadmill with a small screen attached to the top.

In a caption to the clip, titled ‘Trick your kids into exercising’, she explains: “I only let my kids watch cartoons if they’re walking on the treadmill. One day my 11-year-old walked 16 miles!”

Her post has racked up more than 2.7 million views and 224,000 likes in a matter of days, but fellow TikTokers are divided on her approach.

Whilst scores of users have praised the “genius” idea, others have insisted that children should be allowed to relax in front of the telly in peace.

“Not only did you teach your kids something but you taught me I can be healthy and watch my fave shows,” one viewer gushed.

Another said: “I wish my parents [had] done this to me.”

And a third praised the mum for “win[ning] at parenting.”

Less impressed commentators also piled in, with one writing: “It’s okay to normalise just sitting down and relaxing. We don’t have to be up and moving all of the time.”

Another said that the woman’s children “will talk about this in therapy one day.”

And a third asked: “Why can’t kids just be kids? Why do they have to walk 13 miles to watch TV?”

Meanwhile, another said more diplomatically: “This could turn bad, but I’m sure you also have their best interests in mind.”

And another exasperated user offered their analysis. “I can see there’s way too many lazy spoiled kids from this comment section,” they wrote.

“A little walking won’t hurt them and they get to enjoy their fave show.”

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