Love Island's Josh Le Grove rejected Danica Taylor because she gave him ...

A woman has reminisced about the time she broke up with someone over his choice of underwear.

Contributing to a Mumsnet forum about things that have resulted in getting "the ick" - an irreversible emotion where attraction to a partner suddenly switches to revulsion - the user said she was turned off when she dated someone who wore "an enormous pair of tight white boxers than seemingly went from his knees to halfway up his torso."

She said she had been "unsure" about the man but had been "going with the flow until that point".

She also dumped a different man who had "an enormous pink jumper" because he too gave her the ick.

The forum attracted a wide-range of other opinions about things that are absolute deal-breakers when it comes to dating.

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One said: "He had a pointy willy. The rest of him was PERFECTION and 100% my type. But his willy looked like it'd been through a pencil sharpener."

Another said: "I remember once I got the Ick from his flip flops in the cupboard. I really like flip flops - I wear them. But for some reason his just gave me the ick."

A third commented: "He went in for our first kiss his mouth smelt of baked beans".

And a fourth said: "Went to a nice restaurant, where he ordered Toulouse sausages and ate them off a fork - literally just off a fork, without cutting them up, like a character from the Beano.

"I could barely look him in the face. There was no second date."

There you have it, single men, if you are careful about your breath, table manners, choice of underwear and shoes... and the shape of your penis and you may well find love...

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