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A plus-size model blames the closure of her Instagram account, which had over 150,000 followers, on a united effort to censor her body.

Spanish model Natalia Lozano alleges that Instagram shut down her page after receiving complaints from people about the amount of skin she was showing.

According to UNILAD, she believes people reported her because of jealous:

They cannot stand that I am sexy and confident. They call me fat and vulgar and accuse me of hypocrisy because I touch up my photos.

The social media star says the problem is rife in Spain particularly. She added:

The moment you stand up as a sexy plus-size woman, you are judged and censored. However, in the United States for example, plus-size models have lots of followers and are more widely accepted than in my own country.

At the time of writing, Lonzano has already managed to recoup 21.1k followers - unsurprisingly, given her original account was so popular.

But she is understandably concerned that a few disgruntled browsers could once again lead to the removal her work, though she promises to keep fighting.

Whatever people think of my body, I am indifferent.

They are young people, the focus is on 18-19-20 years. I will not leave Instagram, they have not given me any solution or help, two weeks later I am waiting for what to do.

This is not the first time Instagram has been under fire from users for allegedly deactivating women's accounts for being 'inappropriate'.

Recently, Indian singer Anushka Manchanda's account appeared to be taken down after a photo showed her nipples.

indy100 has contacted Instagram for comment.

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