A blog from a woman titled 'I aborted my baby- because it was a boy' has been covered by severalnationaloutlets this week. Just one problem: it is more than likely a hoax.

As Jezebel note Injustice Stories, the site the piece ran on, was created on the very same day the blog was published.

'Lana', the blog's apparent author, claimed she decided to have an abortion in 2012 after learning her foetus was male at her five month scan.

The 1,000 word story contained totally implausible passages, such as an incident on a plane when a man told Lana that "B** like you need to learn their place" coloured her entire view on men, with the author saying: "I could no longer depend on men to be an ally of the cause.."

As well as that, there was another red flag: To read the whole blog viewers have had to share it, thus helping maximise the site's traffic. Altogether, it led debunking site Snopes to deliver this verdict:

The account was likely a troll for pageviews, not a real-life account representing the sordid state of feminism. While many sceptical readers believed the hoax was aimed at promoting an anti-abortion agenda, it's also possible the site's purveyor fabricated the tale primarily to generate outrage-based clicks.

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