<p>A TikToker recorded what happened when they recognised a viral “Karen”</p>

A TikToker recorded what happened when they recognised a viral “Karen”


A “Karen” who went viral last month after she called the police on two Black women has been shamed by onlookers who recognised her in the street.

In the original incident, TikToker Alana Lambert uploaded multiple parts explaining how the woman accused her and her friend of threatening to “beat” her after she refused to return a dropped charger in Central Park, New York.

The situation escalated when the woman in question decided to call the police, accusing the other women of “threatening” her, and admitting to being racist.

“I pick my race over any race, what’s your problem,” the woman says.

Over 2.6m people have seen the video, and so most viewers would probably be able to recognise her on the street - and that is exactly what happened.

When this woman was walking down the streets of New York, she was instantly spotted and shamed by onlookers.

In the video originally uploaded to TikTok by “The Badman swag”, she can be seen approaching the camera as she walks down the street.

When the woman walks past the camera, she complains loudly and appears tearful as she exclaims in English: “I am not Black!”

This causes the onlooker to call her “racist,” to which the woman responds shouting: “I am racist,” and appears to say: “I am not Hispanic,” before walking away.

As the woman walks off, the bystander shouts: “You dropped your charger,” referring to the previous incident that went viral where the woman called the police.

So far, the video has had over 228,000 views on TikTok and it has since been uploaded to Reddit’s “Public Freakout” page.

Many people on Reddit appeared pleased that the woman was apparently facing the consequences of her actions.

One person said: “This is perfect ty. Action, meet consequence.”

“You absolutely love to see it,” another said.

Though, some did express sympathy for the woman.

One person said: “That’s not being Karen – you got understand the meaning of being Karen, she’s crying she’s hurt that’s a difference.”

“I’m surprised at all these comments and not one person has mentioned her mental health. It’s clear she is not well,” another person wrote.

This story was amended on June 23 to bring it in line with house style.

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