A homeowner in Santa Rosa, California who had grown disgruntled with his annoying neighbour has gone to risque lengths to solve the problem.

After receiving a complaint from an anonymous neighbour about his new fence causing a visibility issue because it didn't meet regulation height, Jason Windus decided to hold a party.

With help from his friends and a handy saw he managed to lower the fence and filled his garden with nude mannequins that were clearly visible to the bothersome neighbour.

Speaking to Fox19 Now Windus claimed that he already owned the mannequins.

I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. I was going to use them for target practice.

I guess the average person would have resentment and got angry, and I threw a naked party in my yard.

He also invited the neighbour to come and join the party and even reserved a seat for him/her at the event. It reads:

Reserved seat for the nosey neighbour that complained about my fence to the city.

The major issue with the corner fence was that it was too high in order to keep his dogs in the yard.

A failure to lower it would have resulted in Windus paying a hefty crime but he is hoping that his little stunt can prove a point.

It's very serious. It made me freak out. They were going to fine me every day it wasn't taken down. Something like $500 a day.

This is America, we are supposed to have fences in our yards to have privacy.

They want me to tear my fence down so they can see what's inside my yard. Now they get to.

HT Fox19

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