Super-fan of OnlyFans model Mercedes Valentine has her name tattooed on his genitals
OnlyFans model Mercedes Valentine

A fan of OnlyFans model Mercedes Valentine has become so obsessed with her that he's had her name inked above his genitals and shells out £25,000-a-year on her content.

He first appeared on her radar in June 2021 when he reached out through the platform and told her he wanted her to "control all aspects of his life".

He then asked if he could get a tattoo of the 22-year-old's name above his genitals and on his ring finger - getting her to send a design in her handwriting.

He calls her his “goddess” and “muscle mummy”, has a shrine dedicated to her, has named her the beneficiary in his life insurance policy and has given her "ownership of his soul".

The subscriber also buys her gifts - including a £1,000 piano and furnishings for her home such as a sofa and toaster - as well as spending £25k on her content over the last year.

Despite his strange requests, Mercedes isn’t bothered and wants to help him and other subscribers with their fetishes.

Mercedes, who originally trained as a neuroscientist, started her Only Fans in April 2021 after getting into pole dancing.

Her page quickly took off and now she rakes in £40k in a good month – earning more than her doctor parents' combined £200k year salary.


Mercedes, from Brighton, East Sussex, said: “He is my top fan and his life revolves around me.

“He - like many of my subscribers - wants to be dominated by me.

“He has a shrine dedicated to me - with a big flower arrangement and photos.

“The requests don’t bother me and I want them to do what makes them happy.

“It’s a form of worship and I think Only Fans is helping normalise it.”

Mercedes often gets inundated with strange requests and men wanting to ‘worship’ her due to her impressive physique and bendy body - caused by her Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which she was diagnosed with at just 15.

The condition causes very flexible joints and stretchy and fragile skin and meant Mercedes had to learn to walk again as a teen.

“I’d always been known as the bendy kid,” she said.

"I got weaker and weaker and my joints started to deteriorate.

"My mum would hug me and feel my shoulders coming out.

"It became increasingly more painful to do everyday things.

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"My mum found me the best therapist to the slowly get better."

After physical therapy to regain her mobility, Mercedes followed in the footsteps of her parents and studied for a masters in neuroscience.

But while at university, she got into pole dancing and found a love for the sport and stripping.

In April 2021, Mercedes decided to give Only Fans a go and was surprised at how quickly it took off.

“As soon as I touched the pole I loved it,” she said.

“I like performing and showing off what I can do.

“I didn’t expect it to blow up.”

Mercedes is now a top content creator on the platform and is constantly supported by her top subscriber.

“He’s unbelievably dedicated,” she said.

“I’ll tell him off if he does something wrong.

“He asked permission to get a tattoo and now has one of my name above his genitals and one on his ring finger.

“He emailed me a contract he had put together signing over his soul to me.

“It doesn’t bother or shock me but I’m on the spectrum so maybe that’s why.”

The man also buys Mercedes lots of gifts including furnishings for her house.

“He pretty much bought the furnishings for my house,” she said.

“He was also in chastity for a month and had to wait until I told him he was allowed to relieve himself.”

Mercedes parents are supportive of her Only Fans career, but some of her friends and family get a little worried by her obsessive subscribers.

“My parents just care about me being happy and successful,” she said.

“Some think these people are psychos but they are harmless.

“I’m really glad I do this.

“It gives me all the freedom in the world.”

Reporting by Emma Dunn

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