This optical illusion will reveal how confident you are

Optical illusions can tell us all kinds of interesting things about the way in which our minds work and our personalities.

One optical illusion posted on TikTok claims to be able to tell a person if they’re inherently more of a shy or confident person depending on what they see.

The optical illusion itself is fairly simple, as it’s an image that can be viewed just two different ways – as either a rooster or a pair of lips.

The image itself is made up of primary colours, yellow, blue and red. According to the content creator, whichever image you see first says a lot about your personality.

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TikToker Charles Meriot posted the clip and asked viewers, “What did you see first?”.

He continued: “If you saw the rooster first it means you’re quite shy and you only like attention when you’re in the right mood.

“If you saw the mouth first, it means you’re confident, strong and independent, but you can be a little bit stubborn and aggressive when things don’t go the exact way you want them to.”


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In the comments, people weighed in on the accuracy of the optical illusion based on their own results.

One person wrote: “I’m shy and saw rooster first.”

Another said: “I saw a rooster first and that’s me.”

“lol, true; saw the mouth first,” one TikToker replied.

But others disagreed with its validity. Someone commented: “Nope. I saw the rooster first, most likely because I like roosters a lot and really don't like profile or lip pictures. I am not shy. I am stubborn.”

Someone else said: “i saw the mouth and I am absolutely none of those things, I just get really moody sometimes when things don't go my way.”

Other optical illusions claim to be able to reveal your mental age and let you experience what it’s like to hallucinate


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