This optical illusion will reveal what your mental age is

This optical illusion will reveal what your mental age is
Reverse perspective optical illusion goes viral on TikTok

It has been said that optical illusions can give a glimpse into how our brains work, and provide an insight into our personality with respect to what we see in certain images.

Well, this image can apparently tell us a lot about ourselves as there are two possible ways it can be perceived and whichever one a person spots first reveals part of their personality.

From the picture, people can either see a young girl or spot an old man - and which one we pick out is said to reflect our mental age.

So what exactly does this mean?

Mental age is how one looks at life and the world around them, either as a youngster or as someone older whose grown in maturity thanks to experiences.

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For those who noticed the young girl first, then this apparently means that you have a child-like nature whose innocence remains and you look at the world with wonder and inquisitively (sometimes impulsively too) and much like a child, you enjoy life's simplicities.

As we get older, this trait becomes more uncommon as we grow up and chose to dismiss our inner child.

Which image did you see first - the woman or the old man?

On the other hand, if you see the old man first sporting a moustache with his head looking downwards then this means you are more mature in your thinking.

Someone grown, who has had life experience from travelling to going through life's highs and lows and has a more realistic outlook as a result, it also means you are a trustworthy person as others seek advice and guidance from you.

All of these different elements have helped you become who are you at present.

So which image did you see first in the optical illusion, the old man or young woman? Does the meaning behind your sighting accurately reflect your personality?

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