This mind bending optical illusion is what it feels like to hallucinate

This optical illusion asks you to figure out which way this horse ...

Ever wondered what it's like to be on psychedelic drugs without the actual drug-taking part?

Optical illusions are infamous for tricking our minds with this particular being able to recreate the experience of hallucinating – and this one makes for quite the trip.

In the YouTube clip, the moving image is able to do this all in just over a minute, with viewers having their brains tricked into perceiving their surroundings differently, The Sun reported.

While those who decide to watch are promised a “full hallucination,” the minute-long clip soon wears off the trippy illusion.

And let’s just say the video does live up to this promise – so perhaps try this out when you’re sat down and prepared for your perception to be momentarily altered.

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If mind-bending optical illusions make you feel funny, or sick it’s probably best you avoid watching.

To experience the hallucination, all you need to do is simply stare at the screen and let the patterns warp your brain.

In the video, there are red and white vertical stripes that appear and take up the entire screen that seem to be moving to the side with an olive green dot in the centre which viewers are told to stare at to make the illusion happen.

ACID Type Visual Hallucination Optical Illusion #2

After intensely staring down your screen for around 1 minute and 15 seconds, viewers who then look away from their device will be able to temporarily experience "a full visual hallucination that slightly resembles an acid /LSD trip."

In the comments section, people who watched were certainly immersed as they described "entertaining," "amazing" and "incredible," so fair to say they're fans.

This optical illusion is possible due to confusion in communication between our eyes and our brain after intently viewing the moving lines in the video.

As a result, the information our eyes take in isn't sent to our brains straight away which means we can see things moving when in reality they are not.

If you're a fan of mind-bending hallucinations, then the YouTuber who created this clip DrDIYhax has plenty more of where that came from with a number of optical illusion videos on his channel.

Elsewhere if you're looking to be mind-boggled with something different, there's another optical illusion that reveals what sort of brain you have or another which reveals how you see the world .

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