This garden plant has become a 'secret signal' for swingers and its sales are plummeting


Most British people have seen this plant outside a friend, colleague or relative’s house –​ it’s a classic.

But according to an investigation by The Telegraph, pampas grass has become the plant of choice for a certain, ahem, NSFW practice. And this has even caused sales to plummet.

Yes, that’s right, pampas grass is now regarded as a secret signal that its owners are fans of swinging.

Plant seller Palmstead Nurseries say that the plant has fallen out of favour, so much so that sales have more than halved in recent years. Nick Coslett, the company's marketing manager, said it had fallen out of fashion in part because it was seen as a signal that swingers lived in a house.

It's just not in fashion at the moment.

I've got no evidence that it was ever actually used for that - I think it goes back to the fact that it was planted in people's front gardens.

But there is that connotation, unfortunately. It's all part of that 1970s, kitsch feel.

Broadcaster Mariella Frostrup told the Telegraph that she had accidentally identified herself as a swinger by planting the grasses outside her Notting Hill home. The presenter said she had been inundated with unwanted enquiries, with neighbours “swarming” around her to enquire as to whether she’s into swinging.

Pampas grass is native to south America and is named after the Pampas region in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, where they originally grew.

But now it seems that, thanks to this very NSFW association, Brits are turning their backs on the vintage favourite.

Just don’t tell your nan.

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