Passenger's wild sprint to get off flight first sparks plane debate

Passenger's wild sprint to get off flight first sparks plane debate
Passengers stretchered off Delta flight after severe turbulence from Milan to Atlanta
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A viral clip of a passenger racing off a plane after landing has sparked a debate about the etiquette involved in disembarking a flight.

The clip was shared on Instagram by user @shigga__, who captioned the video: “I’m literally top 5 plane unboarder no troll.” They also overlaid the clip of their disembarkment with the words: “POV: you have zero patience when getting off planes.”

In the video taken onboard a landed plane, they filmed themselves getting out of their seat with their bag in their hand as soon as the seatbelt light was switched off.

They quickly made their way down the aisle as other passengers stood up to retrieve their bags from the overhead bins.

The person filming squeezed past others who were gathering their bags together in preparation for the plane doors to be opened.

The video has been viewed 9.8 million times. In the comments, Instagrammers were divided, with some defending their behaviour, while others said it was “bottom tier”.

One person commented: “You’re the problem.”

“Unless you’re about to miss your connecting flight this ish is uncalled for,” someone else argued.

“Bottom tier individual,” wrote another.

But, there were some in the comments who understood his actions.

One person argued: “Everyone saying this is wrong needs to think for a second… 1. He is at the back of the plane. 2. He had his things already ready and got up as soon as they landed. 3. Everyone on that plane has two options… get their s**t faster and be more organised or let those who are ready and have minimal luggage off / through first…

“He’s not being a d**k… you’re just mad coz you’re slow and have 3 kids screaming constantly half way through the flight and have to spend £15 for a small tub of Pringles and water.”

Someone else said: “Why y’all mad at him for lmao he doing what everyone else NEEDS to do.”

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