Penn State student spits on right-wing troll during protest

Penn State student spits on right-wing troll during protest
Penn State student spits on right-wing provocateur Alex Stein

What was initially marketed as a "politically provocative comedy night" ended up becoming a politically chaotic spit-fest at Penn State University on Monday as students gathered to protest an event.

The event was supposed to be a conversation between viral right-wing troll Alex Stein and proud boy founder Gavin McInnes, organized by Uncensored America.

However, students at Penn State were less than amused about the presence of McInnes and organized a protest against the event.

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Eventually, the "threat of escalating violence" from protestors led the school to cancel the event. And in true Stein fashion, the social media troll decided to mock and the crowd by speaking to protestors directly.

In one confrontation, Stein approached a student who was screaming "I hate you" and flipping him off.

Stein responded with a smile, "I love you."

The student became so enraged they spit on him, leaving a string of saliva on Stein's suit jacket. Stein reacted, “I like that fetish — that turns me on."

The video labeled the student an "unhinged tolerant leftist" as Stein laughed, "Oh, she spit on me!"

An edited portion of the video then cut to a scene from Billy Madison where Adam Sandler says, "that's assault brotha."

Stein is well-known for his online antics. In the past, he's interrupted a local town council meeting to rap about killing Russian President Vladimir Putin and asked Tucker Carlson to take a DNA test on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

According to Penn State's newspaper Daily Collegian,the Student Committee for Defense and Solidarity organized the protest after starting a petition to demand the university "deny Uncensored America permission to sponsor and platform McInnes."

Uncensored America claims to be "a non-partisan organization dedicated to fighting for freedom of speech."

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