Video of man rapping about killing Putin at town council meeting viewed 6m times

Video of man rapping about killing Putin at town council meeting viewed 6m times
Man raps about killing Putin during Texas town council meeting

Approaching a podium in front of eight unamused Plano, Texas city council members, comedian Alex Stein gave an 'audio presentation' to express his feelings toward the people of Ukraine. But nothing was going to prepare everyone for the next few minutes.

"I really want to help the people out there," Stein said before giving his testament to Ukraine.

Wearing a suit and tie, Stein turned on a portable boombox playing a beat to aggressively rap about killing Russian President Vladimir.

"Put a bullet in Putin's brain you know that is the plane, I'm a Zelensky stan, I love you Volodymyr Zelensky," Stein screams into the microphone as he dances to the beat.

The eight members of Plano's city council watched as Stein gyrated his hips and jumped around pretending to hype-up a non-existent crowd.

Stein shared a clip of the video to his Twitter with the caption, "Pray for Ukraine". The full version can be seen on YouTube.

The video has over six million views.

Stein also included topical things like gas prices and Covid within in his Putin rap.

"And you got that sanitizer and I got that Pfizer," Stein raps while holding up a bottle of hand sanitizer. Ironically, the entire city council began passing around a bottle of sanitizer so if anything, he's an influencer.

Stein continues in his rap, "Gas prices way too high, Vladimir Putin needs to die," as he takes his suit jacket and is stopped by the council.

Stein thanked the council for their time, reiterated that Putin needs to be taken out "like Lindsey Graham said" and left.

The Plano city council seemed unfazed and yet, baffled.

The Plano City Council looked on as Alex Stein rapped aggressively about killing Putin Alex Stein / Twitter

This is not the first time Stein has performed bits in front of city councils. In February the comedian put on a puppet show in front of the Dallas City Council about vaccinations.

In an interview with Insider, Stein said he began going to city council meetings in March 2020 but felt like council members were not giving him the right attention.

"The goofier I got, the more I got them to react," Stein told Insider. "So that's really what's effective is you have to get an emotional response. That's how you kind of trigger somebody."

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