A map of the best thing to see in every country in Europe (according to Google)

A map of the best thing to see in every country in Europe (according to Google)

If you want to know the best places to go when traveling, but can’t be bothered to thumb through pages and pages of guidebooks, look no further than this one map. It’s basically done all the hard work for you. Well, minus the packing and checking into the airport and all the other laborious parts of your trip.

A cartographer on Reddit has created the map based on what suggestion comes up when you Google ‘what to see in [insert country]’.

And here are the answers:

So if you’re off to Belgium, take a visit to the Grand Place.

If you fancy a tip to France, it goes without saying that you should see the Eiffel Tower.

In Poland, visit Auschwitz, and in Russia, take a trip to see the Kremlin.

The Coliseum is your best bet in Italy, and in Greece you should get yourself along to the Acropolis of Athens.

If you find yourself in Iceland, take a trip to the Blue Lagoon, which is a geothermal spa.

In the UK, the first suggestion by Google is the Tower of London.

The map is also colour-coded based on categories including religious places, nature, landmarks, fortresses, palace/castles and museums. The majority of must-see places are religious, followed by landmarks, then palaces/castles.

Now if only there was a map that woud pack for you.

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