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#PositiveTwitterDay is trending, and it has to be said that the mix of tweets which have been shared alongside the hashtag are somewhat miscellaneous.

It could do us all a bit of good to focus on the good in life, instead of the bad, and that's what the hashtag is all about. Because, hey kids, you only live once!

However, seeing as it's Twitter we're talking about, that ever nebulous, hilarious, and let's be honest, sometimes negative platform, there were of course a whole range of extremely 'hot' takes on the theme, too.

This one from Kathy Burke is just very, very, Kathy Burke.

Biscuits are always a positive!

Damien Green began recommending his favourite songs.

There were some very emotional and moving takes, too.

Others were just happy that the relentlessly negative space of 'Twitter' appeared more positive for a change.

This person's dad made something fantastic.

There were some beautiful shots of London town!

Other Twitter users expressed their, erm, political opinions.

Smile, guys, you're worth it!

That's a thumbs up from us!

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