Star of Derry Girls Nicola Coughlan (you might know her better as Clare) tweeted about straight men's nicknames for each other, and. much like in real life, the responses and reasons for various nicknames were hilarious.

Her original tweet read;

She followed it up with.

It's the replies to Coughlan's tweet with various nicknames will have you spitting your tea out at your desk, however. Check some of the best;

As an aside, I and my best friend have a name for (usually quite posh, straight) men who always have a collection of mates with the weirdest nicknames.

We call them 'Eggy Bum Faces' - because that's the sort of things they name each other.

There was a group of them at University, one was called Burger. Because he once ordered and ate...a huge burger. Years ago. That's it. That's the whole story. It's like Coughlan is reading my mind. Egg and Burger would probably get along quite nicely.

There was a man called 'Feesh' in the same group of pals. We asked why. It was because he once had his hair cut at school like a monk, which became Monkfish, which got shortened to 'Fish' and then skewed and pronounced 'Feesh.'

Good luck to anyone every ordering any normal item on a food menu ever again, I hope the name doesn't stick with you for life.

HT: The Poke

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