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It's 2018, chatting to people you don't know at gatherings is still awkward and we definitely need something else to do at parties by now.

Well, it's turns out some people are already living in the future. A much, much better future.

Michal, a software engineer based in Seattle, posted these photos of a party where everyone gave a three-minute presentation on something they cared passionately about.

The rules of a Drink Talk Learn (DTL) party include witty heckling only, not running over three minutes and - of course - drinking penalties.

Michal talked about the "true moral compass" of Shadow the Hedgehog - and won.

Shadow the Hedgehog - if you're inexplicably not already in the know - is the ruthless anti-hero in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Picture:Picture: Twitter / @Miexriir

As you can see, the presentation looks pretty academic.

Picture:Picture: Twitter / @Miexriir

Picture:Picture: Twitter / @Miexriir

Picture:Picture: Twitter / @Miexriir

People were pretty taken with the party idea.

Michal told BuzzFeed News:

Other fun topics from that night included: ‘Hidden Meanings in Classical Music — Acid Trips, Soviet Defiance, and Jaws’; 'Transhumanism and the Sublime — A Meditation on Technological Evolutionism’; and ‘Dogs with Jobs — Occupations for the Canine Individual'

Knowledge is power.

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