Social media is filled with creative pregnancy announcements, innovative proposals, new pets and houses – it’s become the new place for people to share their memorable milestones. Announcements, however, seem to be getting weirder and wackier each time.

After all, if it wasn’t on social media, did it even happen?

When it comes to announcing a pregnancy, many opt for the old-fashioned “I’m pregnant” – and some, well, take it above and beyond, including this mum-to-be.

In a viral clip that has received 2.5 million views, Robbie (@oh_yeahitsrobbie2) filmed her partner’s reaction to the news that he would become a dad while he was eating his waffles.

The problem? Robbie hid the used positive pregnancy test underneath his food. While the creative sentiment was there, fellow TikTok users slammed the move as “unsanitary as hell.”

Her partner asked: “Why’s this sh*t so f***** hard?”


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When he discovered the pink pregnancy test, he abruptly quizzed, “What the f** is that?” 

“Why’s it in my food,” he continued before highlighting: “Bro, it’s p*** on there.”

Robbie attempted to justify the move by saying, “It’s not p***. It’s the drop kind.” 

“You just ruined the whole (surprise),” Robbie disappointingly said, when her partner snapped back, “You ruined my food.”


The clip was soon inundated with thousands of comments – most of which took the side of Robbie’s partner.

“I’d be mad if I had p***y waffles too,” one TikToker said, while another asked: “What made you think this was a good idea?”

“Christmas next week,” another added. “Putting it in a gift box doesn’t make sense?”

“You do this with rings, not pregnancy test,” one user humoured, while another was “shocked” that Robbie “thought this through and thought it was a good idea.”

Oh dear. What a waste of waffles.

Still, congrats to the happy couple!

Indy100 has reached out to @oh_yeahitsrobbie for comment.

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