People are comparing Theresa May's Pride message to her LGBT voting record

People are comparing Theresa May's Pride message to her LGBT voting record

During Pride in London on Saturday the Prime Minister's official Twitter expressed support for the festival.

Predictably, lots of Twitter users weren't really having it.

May and LGBT rights:

There are a few reasons that fans of homosexual equality are sceptical about Theresa May's words of support for Pride. It's probably something to do with the following actions:

  • The deal with the Democratic Unionists and their negative stance on gay-rights.*
  • As an MP in 1998 May voted against equalising the age of consent for heterosexual and homosexual couples.
  • In 2002 she voted against allowing homosexual couples to adopt children.

Appearing onQuestion Time in 2010 May, then the shadow Work and Pensions spokesperson, stated she had changed her mind on LGBT rights and that:

If those votes were today, yes I have changed my view and I would take a different vote...

Subsequently May has either been absent for votes on homosexual equality or else voted in favour of it, for instance:

  • In 2004 she voted in favour of civil partnerships.
  • In 2013 May voted in favour of same sex marriage.
  • In 2014 May voted in favour of allowing courts to deal with same sex divorce and annulments.
  • In 2014 May voted to make same sex marriage available to members of the armed forces outside of the UK.

As Equalities Minister, May was also responsible for helping to draft the same sex marriage legislation with her junior minister Lynne Featherstone.

*Correction: 10.07.2017: This article stated that the SDLP in Northern Ireland has the same stance on LGBT rights as the DUP. This was incorrect and the copy has been amended to reflect that. In 2017 The leader of the SDLP Colum Eastwood called 'equal marriage the civil rights fight of today'.

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