#HeteroSexualPride backfired spectacularly

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A cynical campaign to mock the LGBTQ community on Twitter has spectacularly backfired.

The hashtag #HetrosexualPrideDay was started towards the end of June, the official pride month.

It was initially started as a vicious attack on LGBTQ people, trolling both them and those that support it.

However, it was quickly picked up by the more progressive wings of Twitter who used it to highlight the social inequalities that LGBTQ people face everyday.

The LGBTQ community also had some hilarious comebacks to the controversial hashtag.

In an unwise move, Markus Persson, also known as Notch, the man behind popular video game Minecraft tweeted that anyone opposing #HetrosexualPrideDay deserved to be shot. He has since deleted the Tweet but it didn't stop others from capturing it.

Whilst it was fun to mock this ridiculous idea, tweets like the following really exemplified just how idiotic something like #HetrosexualPrideDay truly is.

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