Professor, 25, confesses she unknowingly slept with one of her students

Professor, 25, confesses she unknowingly slept with one of her students

A 25-year-old professor got the ultimate shock when she realised a man she had slept with was actually one of her students. The woman made the horrifying revelation a week after the deed when she spotted him in one of her classes.

The situation might sound familiar in the fictional world of Grey’s Anatomy and Pretty Little Liars, but there’s certainly no script to follow in real life.

Instead, she turned to Reddit for advice.

The fresh-out-of-grad school professor took to the thread to explain that she teaches a handful of lectures with over a hundred students of legal age. Being a 25-year-old, she said she is “used to being flirted with by students”, but “shuts it down as much as possible.”

The Redditor continued to explain that every so often, she visits bars and clubs with friends to enjoy herself and one night, she met a guy who she named “Seth” for the sake of the story.

“He complimented my low cut top and one thing led to another and we were in his apartment doing the deed. The next morning I left like normal after staying the night with a guy.”

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She explained that she didn’t think much into it. That was until the week later.

“I saw him LEAVING MY CLASS”, she revealed. “I froze and gathered my things and left.”

She told the Reddit thread that she’s now afraid he will gossip to other students, which may resort to a bad reputation. “Since then, I have made sure to avoid all eye contact with him and pretend he isn’t there”, she added.

The woman initially turned to Reddit for much-needed advice, but there was very little in the way of good advice.

“Life is full of “oopsies”, a fellow user commented, while another was clearly speechless and responded to the comment with, “Probably the best advice in this case.”

“I have a feeling he’s not thinking about the lesson”, another joked.

One suggested, “Lmao, you’re going to have to talk to him eventually. I mean, what if he has a question about an assignment?”

The rest were too risque for us to publish. Sorry.

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