This mashup of the confused Question Time man and Kevin Keegan is hilarious

This mashup of the confused Question Time man and Kevin Keegan is hilarious

It's not always the case where a Question Time story is the biggest talking point of the day but the man in Bolton who couldn't comprehend that his £80k salary was a large amount of money was all anybody could talk about for the past few days.

In an attempt to criticise Labour's proposed plans to increase income tax for those earning more than £80,000-per-year, the man tried to claim that this plan was unfair on him as he wasn't in the top five-per-cent of earners in the country, which he obviously is.

The man's embarrassing moment has since become a viral clip that has been viewed more than 5 million times on the Question Time Twitter account.

The man's bizarre rant was so incorrect that even the BBC's fact-checking service had to correct him.

Well, as always with these embarrassing viral moments, there are bound to be memes and we're happy to say that the internet hasn't disappointed us.

However, our favourite comes from TheIainDuncanSmiths, the Twitter account responsible for such classics as Boris Johnson Gets Out of London and Talks to People Who Are Not Rich Remainers: The Essential Collection.

Now they have given us their own unique take on the Question Time man by mashing him up with an infamous speech once delivered by former Premier League football manager Kevin Keegan.

The clip they have sampled is a version of the iconic Keegan rant aimed at Alex Ferguson as both Newcastle United and Manchester United battled for the title in the 95/96 season.

Here is the full moment for you to enjoy all over again.

Oh, and by the way, the Question Time man is reportedly a high earning IT consultant as well as being a champion motorcycle racer.

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