This compilation video of Boris Johnson talking to people who aren't 'rich Remainers' is excruciating

There was a strange week in British politics, a few months ago, when the press were following Boris Johnson’s adviser Dominic Cummings everywhere he went.

Cummings - who is known for his role in the Brexit campaign and his unorthodox attire - infamously told reporters that they should get “outside London” and speak to people who aren’t “rich Remainers”.

Thankfully, a new compilation video has emerged which does just that.

The video, aptly titled “Boris goes outside London and talks to people who aren’t rich Remainers”, shows the PM in various parts of Britain facing the brunt of public hostility. One person even told said "please leave my town," as they shook the PM's hand.

Johnson is seen being confronted by people over austerity and the NHS, but also chastised by people in Leave-voting Yorkshire while visiting flooded areas. There’s booing, hissing and plenty of heckling from Scotland to the South of England.

On social media, people found the clip hilarious.

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