TikToker divides internet by adding raisins to mac and cheese

TikToker divides internet by adding raisins to mac and cheese

Mac and cheese is a culinary classic that everyone knows and loves so when someone adds a twist, people have a lot to say - and the addition of one dried-up fruit has sent the internet spinning.

We all know the popular American dish consists of milk, pasta and cheese (of course) but apparently adding raisins to mac and cheese is a thing?

TikToker @texykitchen1 who has 1.7m followers on the platform has divided people over this inclusion to her mac and cheese recipe which she describes as “the best mac and cheese” that she makes for her husband.

In the video, she adds a block of cheese and pasta to a dish before adding milk and proceeding to melt in the oven. All is well until the TikToker pours a cup of raisins into the cheesy pasta and mixes around.


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Her video has gained over 11.8m views, and nearly 900,000 likes as people were baffled to see the TikToker add this fruit to the meal.

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While sweet and savoury flavours are popular with foods such as popcorn, peanut butter and jelly, pineapple pizza, many were not convinced with this particular food combination.

One person commented: “You lost me at raisins.”

“Nope, you’re done. You’re done,” another displeased person said.

Someone else added: “If I dug into a bowl of mac and cheese and found a raisin that would be my 13th reason why.”

“Oh, that looks go- DID YOU JUST ADD RAISINS...” a fourth person replied.

Meanwhile, the TikToker wasn’t the only place the video went viral, as it soon made rounds on Twitter where people were equally as shocked at the inclusion of raisins.

However, it’s not the first time the raisin debate has occurred on the internet. Last year, rapper Drake went viral over his food menu for his 34th birthday party where he served mac and cheese with sundried tomatoes, capers, parsley - and yes - also with raisins.

So... what side are you on?

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