Woman's 'real life GTA' escape from tow truck as it chases her

Woman's 'real life GTA' escape from tow truck as it chases her
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A woman made an escape in her car from a tow truck in a video posted online that wouldn't look out of place in Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series.

A video posted by marissa_myrick called 'running from the repo man' on Instagram shows a tow truck pull up in front of a white car a woman has just got out of in a car park.

The woman realises what's about to happen and gets back in her car as the tow truck gets put into reverse, with the person filming the video shouting "drive off, drive off!"

The truck then starts to reverse towards the white car before the woman engages the reverse gear herself and speeds away from the truck.

The white car reverse quite a distance at speed, with the person filming shouting "go b***h go!"

The tow truck catches up but not before the woman is able to put it into first, drive forwards and escape the tow truck.

More shouts of "go b***h go go go go" can be heard and others can be heard laughing, including one shouting "that was f*****g awesome".

In the background of the video, the white vehicle can then be seen leaving the car park completely with the tow truck left defeated facing the opposite way to it.

The person filming shouts "wooooooo!" as capture has been evaded.

The video was also shared on TikTok which has since gone viral and got a lot of people talking in the comments.


Steph said: "The audacity of the tow truck to even keep going."

PayAttention said: "This was personal for that tow truck driver."

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