Richard Madeley reveals terrifying moment he realised a ‘ghost’ wasn’t his wife

Richard Madeley reveals terrifying moment he realised a ‘ghost’ wasn’t his wife

Richard Madeley shared a spine-tingling ghost story on Good Morning Britain — and it’s going to have us wanting to sleep with one eye open.

Madeley, 65, said when he and his wife Judy were sleeping in a Paris hotel room, he was horrified to spot someone sitting at the end of their bed.

After letting out a “guttural” scream, the entity ran off with “supernatural speed”.

The terrifying encounter took place while the couple were visiting Paris for Euro Disney’s topping out ceremony.

He said they were on the fifth floor of a modern Paris hotel, and clarified that it wasn’t an “old creepy building”.

He explained: “I woke up in the night suddenly conscious that there might be somebody else in our room.

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“I looked across the bed and I realised actually it was just Judy, she had got up and was about to go to the loo or something. And I could see her silhouette very faintly by the street lighting coming through the curtains sitting on the edge of the bed but she didn’t move.”

He thought she may have been sleepwalking, so he reached out to tap her on the back to check if she was okay.

“My hand actually hit the real Judy who was lying prone in the bed next to me, and this was a third person in the room sitting on the edge of the bed. I mean you can imagine,” he said, gesturing that his heart was beating very quickly.

“I made a kind of guttural noise and this thing, this creature, stood up very very fast and with supernatural speed, shot across the room and disappeared around the corner into the passage that led to the bathroom and the door to the room.”

Getting up to investigate, he followed the entity around the corner. However, all the chains and locks were still on the door, and no one was in the bathroom.

"It was a very vivid experience and the room had gone very cold."

What Judy said the following morning creeped him out even more.

Before he could tell her about the bumps in the night the next day, Judy rolled over and said she had an awful nightmare as she dreamt a “ghost walked over [her] grave”.

Needless to say, Susanna Reid’s face said it all.


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