People around the world are comparing just how bad their country’s roads are

Pothole on the side of a country road, with bushes, green grass and trees on either side of it.
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If there’s one thing we Brits do best, it’s moaning.

If it isn’t about the weather - like the blistering heat we’ve experienced this week - then it’s another minor inconvenience, such as the state of our country’s roads.

Specifically, potholes, the dips in the ground which have inspired creative approaches to get them filled in by the local council – from gardening to creepy dolls, to graffitiing a penis around the hole in question.

That last one worked, by the way. 

It was this subject matter, however, which the account No Context Brits decided to post about on Saturday, sharing an image of an asphalt road with several potholes covered over to Twitter.

“Only in Britain would a road look like this,” the caption read.

And like some sort of international camaraderie, Twitter users around the world were on hand to humble us, and remind us that they have it worse.

Much, much worse.

One account from Russia had a cracking contribution – literally:

In Ghana, they really take the Mickey:

Some are just a nightmare for vehicles, such as in India:

In South Africa:

And in Montreal, Canada:

Sometimes, it’s the people who get stuck:

Other times, it looks less like a pothole and more like the aftermath of an earthquake – such as in Nigeria:

Meanwhile, from one user in Syria:

And in Argentina, they like to have a bit of fun with it:

Sometimes it’s reassuring to know that there’s a ‘hole’ load of other people who find something just as annoying as you do.

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