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Ryanair tried to make fun of British Airways accidently landing in Edinburgh instead of Düsseldorf but people weren’t having it.

The low-cost airline took to its official Twitter page and presented BA with a copy of Geography For Dummies.

It was of course, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Monday BA flight that accidently flew to Scotland rather than Germany after the wrong flight plan was used. It's the one that caused newsreader Simon McCoy to react like this.

British Airways had initially responded to the dig with, “Now, now. No one is perfect. Lolly.”

But Ryanair was relentless: “True, Lolly! Even we wouldn’t flog Edinburgh as Germany.”

People online responded to Ryanair's cheap dig with a few reminders...

Starting with the fact that Ryanair themselves aren't exactly exempt from making flight mistakes

And then people just began pointing out things they didn't like about Ryanair in general.

Like the legroom on its flights for example...

And its additional fees for luggage policy

Others reminded Ryanair that earlier this year employees went on strike for better working conditions...

Multiple flights across Europe had been grounded, causing delays and cancellations to thousands of peoples’ flights.

And of that racist incident on one of its flights

In fact, it was Ryanair, not British Airways, that has been voted the worst airline serving the UK for the sixth year running.


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