Man hilariously turns classic advertisements into serious ones

'When you have mastered the art of 'just keep going' *HILARIOUS GLASS ...

A man mastered the art of taking classic advertisements and hilariously turning them into serious monologues.

Joe, an actor, singer, voice artist, composer, and self-proclaimed “nerf herder” who goes by MrJoeGooch on Twitter and YouTube, took to these platforms to highlight his recreations of the advertisements.

For one, he took the 1982 Kellogg’s Bran Flakes commercial, filmed it in black and white, and recited dialogue while holding a skull.

“What about the weather? Is it going to rain? You can ask without any reply, but ask about the bran flakes; that’s a different matter. They’ll all reply, ‘they’re tasty’. Tasty. Very, very tasty. They’re very tasty,” he said with a maniacal chuckle.

“How do you like your eggs done? Can you see the milkman?

“Do you know you’ve got a wasp in your ear?” He said before blowing air on the side of the skull.

“But ask about the bran flakes. That’s a different matter. One thing you’ll hear - they’re tasty. Tasty. Very, very, tasty. They’re very tasty. Kellogg’s Bran Flakes - they’re very tasty.”

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In another video, Joe can be seen recreating the 1982 whimsical theatre, inspired commercial for Birds Eye Steakhouse Grills.

“Will it be chips or jacket spuds? Will it be salad or frozen peas? Joe said, appearing to be on the verge of tears.

“Will it mushrooms, fried onion rings? You’ll have to wait and see. [I] hope it’s chips. It’s chips, we hope, it’s chips. It’s chips, we hope, it’s chips. It’s chips we hope. We hope it’s chips,” he said with a strained voice.

“We hope it’s chips,” he continued in a whisper while looking in the distance.

A third video, which was published in 2019, also showed Joe recreating a 1980 St. Ivel Gold butter advert looking blankly at the screen. The original commercial was of someone hitting a tennis ball on a wall while flashes of the butter spread appear on the screen.

“St. Ivel Gold is unique. It contains half the fat of any margarine, yet it’s made in a dairy with vegetable oil and buttermilk for a buttery taste but with only half the fat. Butter:80 per cent fat, all margarines: 80 per cent fat. Even poly-unsaturated margarines: 80 per cent fat. St. Ivel Gold, 40 per cent fat,” he said with a serious and straightforward tone.

“Eat the one with only half the fat. Gold, from St Ivel. And it tastes smashing.”

Joe has other videos of him bringing a jokingly solemn vibe to the standard commercials.

He can also be seen reciting the 1983 commercial for Yellow Pages, which featured the fictional character J.R. Hartley when British Telecom privatised, the 1980 Glade Shake ‘n’ Vaccommercial, and many more, all performed in a severe manner and tone.

Elsewhere, Joe can be seen doing other ad renditions, making parodies about people in favour of the Tory party and their reactions to things and a “scary thought of the day” series.

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